July 7, 2016 – Kid’s comments on the 3 books

July 7, 2016 – Kid’s comments on the 3 books

Today, 7/7/2016 I had to sub for a daycare in Frisco (under new management).  I had eight kids in my class and a few of them wanted to talk about Layla the Ladybug. Six out of eight kids read these 3 Layla the Ladybug books.

One of the kids explained to me what she learned from the book titled “bullying.”  She noticed Layla’s spots were different and unique.  She also said, ” we should appreciate our uniqueness as well.”

Another child replied, ” she likes the way the sun shows emotion in each page.” (book on Honesty)

Most of the children in this class has experienced being left behind by a friend while on a playground and they can identify with Layla in the book titled – “Layla Used Wisdom and Not Her Emotions.”  The kids enjoyed the conclusion of this story.

These books are created to grab children’s attention, relate to some of their feelings and deliver positive solutions.


LAYLA THE LADYBUG CHARACTER DELIVERS THE “POSITIVE SOLUTIONS TO ALL KIDS” SERIES - WHAT WOULD LAYLA DO? Darlington Johnson was born on February 21, 1997 in Southfield, Michigan. Layla the Ladybug, Use Wisdom not Emotions is here third self-published children’s book. At the age of ten, she knew her career goals will involve children. She is very passionate about helping children, and seeing them happy. Darlington created the character Layla the Ladybug while in middle school; class assignment turned into two self-published children books. Darlington wrote these books based on personal experiences and from the challenges of other children. Her goal is to continue the sequel, using this character to help encourage children with positive solutions. Currently, Darlington is a full-time student in college, and she is studying child development. While in college, Darlington babysits sometimes on the weekends, and she is a part-time teacher assistant at a private daycare. After college, her career goal is to continue to be an author of children’s book and work full-time in a children hospital. Darlington plans to continue to encourage children through her career and also through children’s books. Stephanie Dennis-Simpson was born on November 4th, in Detroit, Michigan. She is the mother of Darlington Johnson. Stephanie Simpson is a substitute teacher at various daycare establishments. She also volunteers at a children’s hospital. Her passion is to help and assist children. She is excited about being able to help Darlington write and publish her third children’s book. Darlington and Stephanie hired a person to wear a Layla the Ladybug costume when they visited schools, participated in book signings and special events. Darlington would read the books to the children, who would get very excited hearing the story from the books and seeing a person wearing the Layla the Ladybug costume. Seeing children learn and having a great time listening to the inspirational children’s books is priceless. This is what motivates us to continue to write more children’s books. Darlington and Stephanie have a strong growing relationship with Christ. This is and will always be the foundation of all books created by Darlington and Stephanie.

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