OUR Prayer to Heaven

We pray in the name of Jesus – Drew the Dancing Duck and Layla the Ladybug will become cartoon characters on a television cartoon network and can be seen at movie theaters worldwide. Father, you said all we need is the faith of a mustard seed – we have the faith of a mountain. Thank you for placing these children’s book stories in our hearts, providing us what we need, and sending people in our lives that genuinely care and support these books. Let your will – not our will be done. We claim victory and more fun stuff for the kids. I am so happy you gave us direction, hope, and goals. Glory is and always be to you – none to us – never us. Thank you, Holy Abba – AMEN

Layla the Ladybug arrived at Libraries

On July 12, 2016 – I received a call from Quality Press Publishing Company.   Ms. Rose told me the good news, she said ” Some of the Liberians read the Layla the Ladybug books and loved the positive messages to the children.”  A couple librarians told her they already have one of these books in their library. I am so happy to hear 16000 librarians attended this event (American Library Association – July 2016 – Orlando, Florida).  Many librarians had a big interest in children’s books.

Now I need to work locally and get the community to notice these children’s books – to help inspire more children.

July 7, 2016 – Kid’s comments on the 3 books

Today, 7/7/2016 I had to sub for a daycare in Frisco (under new management).  I had eight kids in my class and a few of them wanted to talk about Layla the Ladybug. Six out of eight kids read these 3 Layla the Ladybug books.

One of the kids explained to me what she learned from the book titled “bullying.”  She noticed Layla’s spots were different and unique.  She also said, ” we should appreciate our uniqueness as well.”

Another child replied, ” she likes the way the sun shows emotion in each page.” (book on Honesty)

Most of the children in this class has experienced being left behind by a friend while on a playground and they can identify with Layla in the book titled – “Layla Used Wisdom and Not Her Emotions.”  The kids enjoyed the conclusion of this story.

These books are created to grab children’s attention, relate to some of their feelings and deliver positive solutions.

Another Fantastic Endorcement

On Tuesday 3/15/16, Karen Taylor Bass from Blog Talk Radio said, “She bought one of our children’s books for her daughter and they loved it.”  Karen thought the book was very positive and inspiring.

Endorsement from teachers and students

Carmetta S. is a teacher from California. She bought a couple of our children’s books and shared it with her students and they enjoyed the story in the books.

Harvine B. is a teacher from Illinois.  She read one of our children’s book to a few students during their lunch hour and students refused to go back to class until they understood how Layla handled a dilemma.   The story in the book kept their attention and they enjoyed how Layla the Ladybug had a positive ending.

Here are a few student comments – we heard directly from students during special events in Frisco and McKinney TX.  One elementary students said, “She really really really enjoyed the story in the book. She did say 3 really’s 🙂

Another student said, “She experienced bullying and could not wait to hear how Layla handled the situation.

We noticed that there is a lot of elementary students that loves ladybug insects and that is one of the reason’s why they love the Layla the Ladybug character.  These books are designed to capture the young mind’s attention and they can’t wait to see how the story will end.   These books motivate children to make better choices.


April-2016 – From a private daycare in Frisco, TX

The Director Kem shared the ladybug books with a private daycare in Frisco, TX in April/2016. A few teachers read the books to their class, and the children really enjoyed the books.  A teacher named Rebba B. said,” The children enjoyed listening to the Layla the Ladybug books and their favorite was the book on Honesty.  Rebba B. also said, “She would like these children’s books to get more exposure so more parents and children can enjoy these positive messages.”