Stephanie Dennis-Simpson

Stephanie Dennis-Simpson was born on November 4th, in Detroit, Michigan. She is the mother of Darlington Johnson. Stephanie Simpson is a substitute teacher at various daycare establishments and school districts. Stephanie is creative and passionate about helping children to learn and resolve problems. She is excited about being able to help Darlington Johnson write and publish children’s books.
Darlington and Stephanie hired a person to wear Layla the Ladybug costume when they visited schools, participated in book signings and special events. Darlington would read the books to the children, who would get very excited hearing the story from the books and seeing a person wearing the Layla the Ladybug costume. Seeing children learn and have a great time listening to inspirational children’s books is priceless. This is what motivates us to continue to write more children’s books.
Stephanie was inspired to write “Drew the Dancing Duck” to motivate children to be happy and more focused on the positive things in their life. While working with children, Stephanie noticed, kids need to realize how blessed they are, and they need to be more focused on that. Stephanie would like to see more children focused on the positive and less on the negative. More children need to count their blessings and appreciate what is going great. Drew the Dancing Duck expresses his happiness and appreciation by smiling, dancing, and celebrating. Stephanie would like for children to be inspired and to be more appreciative after reading this book.
LAYLA and DREW for all kids
Jesus Christ is the foundation of her life and children’s books. She would love to see Drew the Dancing Duck and Layla the Ladybug become cartoon characters on television and at movie theaters worldwide. Stephanie believes the cute duck and ladybug characters can inspire and make a difference in kids’ lives one POSITIVE message at a time.

with a
Grateful Heart


Thank you KING Jesus/Yeshua